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Shinjimasu was founded by Grandmaster Charles Dixon and is rooted in a core set of values, which are listed below. Use the values of Shinjimasu to inspire your practice and encourage you to continue to work towards your goals - in martial arts and in life.

Trust and believe...

S   Stands for the Strength that makes each Karate Kai unyielding

H  Stands for the Home that the Sensei has given us that shall always remain ours

I    Stands for the Instructors, which we respect and love so well

N  Stands for No one can surpass the true love and dedication that we possess

J   Stands for the Joining of love that we the Dojo brothers and sisters have for each other.

I    Stands for the Instructors, which we respect and love so well

M  Stands for More, more experience that we shall seek in life

A   Stands for All of us, this we swear, to protect society and not to destroy

S   Stands for the Strength and tranquility that surrounds us after each practice

U   Stands for the Unknown that we shall always venture into

The meaning of Shinjimasu

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